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Don't Let the rain dampen your Far South Coast holiday!

You have planned it all year - that wonderful relaxing break from the stresses of work. Fun in the sun with the sand between your toes, or just lounging by the pool, cool drink in your hand.

You arrive with plans of sun kissed shoulders and long lunches by the water. The kids will be happily playing and exploring, while you relax and enjoy the fresh coastal air and sunshine......then it rains, is windy and Batemans Bay experiences the most shocking freak storm in history, only to completely ruin your plans!

Or did it?

Argyle Terrace Motor Inn / motel Batemans Bay Far South Coast NSW

IMG: A cloudy view of the Batemans Bay Bridge

Planning a summer holiday will not guarantee great weather.

The unpredictability of coastal weather will always be a factor to consider when planning your South Coast holiday. We have experienced many seasons that saw winter as the calmest and most comfortable time of the year to bask on beaches, hike the national parks, paddle the waterways and surf the waves.

Although we can guarantee a clean room, great location and a comfortable bed, we cannot guarantee the weather. We can share a few ideas about things to do in Batemans Bay and close by, that will ensure the kids are entertained and you will not be more stressed after your holiday from the "I'm bored" theme song of failed family holidays.

Batemans Bay waterfront walk. Argyle Terrace is central accommodation in Batemans Bay

IMG: Eurobodalla Regional Botanic Gardens

Here is our top 5 places to visit or things to do, when you experience bad weather on your Batemans Bay holiday.

1. Perry Street Cinema, Batemans Bay

Perry Street Cinema offers the latest Hollywood and independent films on the big screen. Located in the heart of the Batemans Bay CBD, a trip to the movies can become a fun day out, with lunch at a nearby cafe or restaurant.

Location: Citi Centre Arcade, Perry St, Batemans Bay NSW 2536

2. Nature Walk

The beaches of the Far South Coast are beautiful even in the rain. There is something romantic and enjoyable about the grey sky meeting the ocean and the violent turbulence of the swell in bad weather.

Some of the best sunrise and sunsets have been before, during and after rain and storms. Where the clouds lend themselves as a canvas to the sun's rays of orange, pink and red, a photographer's delight.

Argyle Terrace Motor Inn / motel Batemans Bay Far South Coast NSW

IMG: Headland view at Circuit Beach, Denise Drive 5 min South of Batemans Bay

3. A Zippity Doo Playhouse and Cafe

Zippity Doo is a great place for the kids to get active on a wet day (or when It's too hot) for the beach! An indoor playhouse with an infant play space separate to the more challenging and active play space for older children.

Relax with a coffee or tea, snack or light lunch while the kids play.

Level 1 /11 Clyde Street, Batemans Bay

Argyle Terrace Motor Inn / motel Batemans Bay Far South Coast NSW

IMG: Zippity Do Playhouse Cafe

4. Eurobodalla Regional Botanic Gardens

Princes Highway, Batemans Bay NSW

The Eurobodalla Regional Botanic Gardens has a range of walking paths for all mobility levels. Take an umbrella and enjoy the wonderful Australian Native Landscaped Gardens. There is an undercover BBQ area, an educational children's walk and display. The Cafe offers hot and cold beverages and a range of scrumptious snacks and light meals.

Argyle Terrace Motor Inn / motel Batemans Bay Far South Coast NSW

IMG: Eurobodalla Regional Botanic Gardens

5. Late breakfast, long lunch or a night out on the town.

Batemans Bay cafe's bars and restaurants are situated in a prime location to source high quality local and seasonal produce, from the fresh local seafood - to the locally raised meat, dairy, and home grown fruit and vegetables.

IMG: Batemans Bay Waterfront - cafes and restaurants

Waterfront locations offer great dining experiences that can become a long lunch or night out on the town.

We hope you are inspired by this blog, to enjoy your Family Holiday, Romantic Escape or South Coast getaway, in any weather!

If you would like to learn more about our great Batemans Bay accommodation, book or enquire, please contact us with specific enquiry and we will be in touch soon.

Your Hosts

Ross and Catherine

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